Solid metal gasket are used in application where temperature and pressure rule out the use of traditional gasket materials. These gasket can be of unlimited size and shape. And the metal used for gasket should be softer than the metal in the mating surfaces. Solid metal gaskets are often used in combination with soft facing such as expanded graphite (Plain or Crinkle Tape) or Expanded PTFE. The soft sealing facing is chosen with regards to media and temperature.

Basic Type


While requiring a smooth flange face and high bolt load, the solid metal QSM1 gasket has numerous “plus” points. It has great strength, good heat conductivity, and resistance to temperature, corrosion and pressure. There is practically no size or shape limitation.


This type of gasket is economical for a low-pressure seal on smooth flanges with low bolt pressure. Advantages are low cost, lightweight and greater resilience than a comparable flat solid gasket. Temperature applications are based upon the metal selected.


In cross section, the QSM3 gasket incorporates a solid metal core with graphite foil bonded to each face. The graphite facing layers are manufactured from high purity material to exact thickness and density, thus ensuring that correct material compression can be controlled, vital in enclosed applications. This high quality graphite material provides excellent sealing characteristics, readily flowing into flange imperfections under relatively low applied loads, whilst the metallic core provides a rigid gasket construction, vital for operating and handling conditions.