GORE® Sealant Technologies. For the Toughest Industrial Applications.

GORE® Sealant Technologies provide reliable fluid sealing for the most demanding applications in the chemical processing, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, semiconductor manufacturing, utilities, power generation and marine industries.


Turn to Gore for reliable column-sealing. The following products are easy to install, solve special sealing problems, and enable you to use one standard gasket material across steel, glass-lined and FRP systems.

Heat Exchangers

Gore has multiple products engineered to provide a superior seal in heat exchangers. Gore gaskets are highly conformable and can be formed quickly, making them ideal for lowering total sealing system costs.


Count on Gore technology to deliver superior benefits in pumps, pipes, valves and most types of rotating equipment. Our product portfolio is geared for the most challenging fluid-sealing and handling applications.


Products from GORE® Sealant Technologies provide the superior sealing performance that makes them ideal for use in turbines and other equipment used in the power generation industry.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.

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