Due to its high dynamic and static sealing capacity, good wear properties and favorable price/performance ratio, the OMEGAT seal profile has a proven record success extending over many years. The special design of the sealing edge (obtuse angle) produces an excellent wiping effect while ensuring this sealing edge cannot be deformed during assembly of the piston rod. This special design of the piston rod seal profile also facilitates hydrodynamic return of the lubricating film.


When fast changes in pressure in conjunction with high temperatures occur pressure balance groves on the seal end faces are necessary. These grooves effectively prevent pressure penetrating between the PTFE profile ring and the cylinder. The OMEGAT piston seals made of PTFE/bronze are equipped as standard with these pressure balance grooves within the diameter range D = 15mm to 200mm.


Dirt Wipers protect the seals and guides from damage caused by dirt adhering to the rod. The lip of the wiper removes even the finest dirt from the piston rod. Even if they appear to be in good working order, dirt wipers should always be replaced when changing seals.